Friday, September 30, 2016

Meet the Dean of Boyce College

This year, Hickory Grove Christian School will have the privilege of graduating 83 seniors; 81 juniors are scheduled for graduation in 2018.  With graduation comes joy and worry. One of the dilemmas which parents face hinges on where their child will attend college. Increasingly, many colleges and universities are strengthening their stand against the views that are held by Hickory Grove Christian School. Fortunately, that is not the case for all schools.

One school in particular that seeks to engage the culture with a Biblical Worldview is Boyce College. Boyce is the undergraduate institution affiliated with Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (President Al Mohler) in Louisville, KY. Hickory Grove Christian School and Hickory Grove Baptist Church have the unique opportunity of hosting "Meet the Dean of Boyce College," Dr. Matthew Hall, on Tuesday evening (October 4, 2016).

Local alumni and prospective students seldom have the opportunity to interact with a dean of colleges without traveling to the college or university. Do not miss out on this special event. Seating is limited, and a meal will be provided. Contact Sheila Chaney ( to reserve your seat.

Boyce College is a place where students will be able to receive both a Christian education and sound academic preparation. If you have ever considered a Christian ministry or seminary, then “Meet the Dean” is a wonderful opportunity to explore your college possibilities with one of the finest Christian colleges in America.